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July 7th, 2019

Bloodstained is live!

Igavania is back since June 18th, 2019!

Bloodstained, kickstarted by Koji Igarashi (AKA: IGA), received a very positive review!
The game is out and it's really fun to play. I already finish it xD
Now, I have to way for the 13 free DLCs o.o
By the way, if you are playing Bloodstained, please check my small webpage I made: Bloodstained Enemy Info
It will allow you to search enemies by their ID, name, item, shard and shard type.
Useful for those who want to do a 100% completion.
January 2nd, 2018

New Year, Friendship restored and Discord Server!

A new beginning

Everything goes really well this year. My broken friendship is restored and it's all fine now. Back to normal. Finally. Thanks goodness! For 2018, I still have a lot of improvements to do. That's going to be my resolution.

By the way, feel free to join my Discord server: discord.gg/qhCsvqT
December 10th, 2017

Broken Friendship

What kind of friend ignore their friends?

So many sad days for me. There was a person I know for approximatively 3 years and we were friends. She was nice, she was fine, she was talkative and she was pleasant to talk to. Now, she is cold, heartless, careless and selfish.

We used to chat a lot before, now she always leaves our conversations all of a sudden. She even ignores me and even in the most obvious way too. I did nothing wrong to her to begin with. She is the one who started to avoid me for months. When I chat normally, she only said a few things back to me and then, she ignores me. There are days she didn't even bother to talk back to me. She did that to me a lot of time. Christ!! It's not even hard to reply back with a few words!

I tried to reason with her, but nothing work. Always ignore, ignore and ignore. Now our friendship is broken...

It's sad, depressing, but I have to move on. There are plently of better people out there to meet. Friends don't ignore each other. Friends don't hurt each other. It's common sense.
October 13th, 2017

Obvious scammer

Meeting and buying stuff

I was seeking for a phone to buy, then I saw a good one online. The price was more than fair and it costed less than the average of people who were selling it. So, I was trying to take this chance and I contacted the seller through email.

The seller was replying back. I was happy and I told him I wanted to buy his phone. He confirmed the price and asked where we would meet. I gave him a public address location and the time of our meeting. Then, the biggest turn off was the seller didn't want I buy with cash. Scam alert! He started to make up a story how he was a victim of a scam. His intention here was that he wanted me to feel sorry for him. After telling his story, he asked me to pay through MoneyGram.

I asked him what are the risks if I pay him with cash. He didn't answer and tell me to pay through MoneyGram. Tired of his crap, I didn't want to learn how to use MoneyGram just because I want to buy a phone. So I cancelled the meeting.

In resume, these are the reasons why I cancelled the meeting:
Scam alert 1: If you are a seller, why the heck won't you accept cash??? He wanted me to pay through electronic method.
Scam alert 2: He was making up a story just to make me feel sorry for him.
Scam alert 3: He didn't answer to my question.
Scam alert 4: The price was lower than the average (I was trying to take a chance).

When you are meeting someone just to buy something, the process should be simple and not complicated. You give the cash, you get that something. That's it. If it gets complicated, then it's probably a scam.
September 20th, 2015

Avoid online gaming scams

Games are fun. Some take more time to build up a strong character. Some people work hard to build their characters, some just want to enjoy the game and some want to steal your account... by scamming you.

Account "hacked"

In many online games, some people lose their accounts due to hacks or to scams. Surprisingly, there is a higher risk losing your account by a scammer than by a REAL hacker. Why would a real hacker hack you when they can hack the game staff accounts? lol.

The "hack" software

Most of them are a joke. They only work on Client-side which mean the data you modify is only temporary. Worse case scenario is when you get your account information and password stolen. You just got scammed. Everytime it asks for your username and password, it's risky and suspicious.

Type of online scammers

Annoying pests. I can name you some common types of online scammers:

- The beggar: They constantly ask for your username and password. They try to make you feel sorry.

- Promise maker: They want you to share your account with them so they can "help" you make your account "stronger" and "better". They claim to be a "very generous person" so they can buy you a lot of in-game contents. They only want your password first. It's indeed a cheap trick to steal your account.

- Account sharer: They want to share their accounts with you and want you to share your account too. They will always ask for your account information FIRST. Sometime, they give away their fake accounts first. Another cheap trick.

- Impersonator: They pretend to be a game staff member. They will try to make up some craps and then they will ask for your account username and password. Administrators will never ask. Obviously. Moderators are not even supposed to ask. (If they do, report them). Another case is they claim to be a "hacker" and start to send you threat.

- Trust abuser: They are rare, but when you are their victim, it hurts a lot! They will always try to gain your trust first. Far later, they will make up some crap and use some social engineering to try to have access to your account. They might make you feel guilty too. For example, they might say: You aren't generous; I trusted you this whole time, why don't you trust me!?; etc. I know a case where a top Guild fell apart just because of ONE scammer. In that game, there is a trading system. I don't know exactly the details, but the guy managed to scam his whole Guild! The most frustrating part is he became the strongest player in the game. Only few players from the rival Guild managed to beat him. It's rare to get recovery from admins when you got scammed.

- Account seller/trader: These one are smartasshole. In some games, selling accounts is very profitable for scammers. Their objective is your money and not your account. They will ask you to pay first. Then, they will give you the account username and password. (Sometime, they might gave you the account information first before you pay. Maybe to tempt you.) You got the account. You are on it, you can play it. MANY DAYS later, you can't access the account. The account got its password changed because, in some games, admins think the account you just got is scammed or hacked. Result: You lost your money and the account seller got back the account. Maybe you can cancel your payment if you get the chance.

What do to when a scammer asks for your password?

1) Ignore/Avoid.
2) Mess with the scammer. Give him a freaking fake long password.
3) Give a newly created account and laugh at the scammer reaction.

Me vs A scammer

Many years ago, I was online. Then, there was a guy who just friended me. I accepted his request. We talked. It's all cool. Then, he was asking me to share accounts: "He plays on mine and I play on his account". He asked me to give my account information FIRST so he can "give" his account information after. (Note: My account was better than his account).

I hesitated. I refused and said "No". He was still insisting and wanted to share so badly. After saying "No" many time, he still insisted. So, I gave up. Just to mess with him, I gave him a newly created account. You know what the moron did next? He BLOCKED me (so he is "offline" for me). He didn't even give away his account information. Then, he automatically went in the account settings and changed the email (so I can't use the password recovery option). I got the notification about the change. After changing the email, he changed the password. Obviously a scammer!

After that, he went back ONLINE because he just found out what I gave him was a new account. He told me that I gave him the wrong account and wanted my real one. To made him pay, I made him taste his own "poison". Somehow, he ended up giving away his REAL account. Result: He lost his account. I still had my account safe. His mistake: his greed. He could just had stayed away from me, but he was too greedy trying to get my account. Personally, I think he deserved punishment because if I was a super gullible fool, I would had lose my account instead. Don't forget it's hard to punish a scammer online... It's more simple to ignore and avoid.

Source: My personal experience.